Trucks are in!!!

The only update we’ve wanted to post over this last year can finally be posted!

Trucks are in!!!

That means from here on out we’ll be busy packing and shipping and getting these orders out as soon as possible.

After so long it seemed like this day was never going to come. I think we were hit with nearly every delay possible throughout the design, production, manufacturing, even the shipping process. It was like- if there was a process for it, we saw a delay from it. But after talking with other skate companies over this last year and hearing some major launch horror stories, we learned that delays happen and preventing a possible mistake by taking the extra time will always be worth it. (Some of the errors other companies saw literally stopped them dead in the water).

We wanted Avenue Trucks to survive and to reach its finish line, and most importantly we wanted you all to get our absolute best. I think its safe to say everyone’s patience was tested and for those that stuck with us through it all, we promise the wait will be worth it. A major THANK YOU from everyone at Avenue Trucks!