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Upcoming Pre-order Shipping Date

We are almost finished with manufacturing of this upcoming run of trucks! Unfortunately, we have hit a small unexpected delay on our baseplates, but the good news is it has only pushed us back hopefully no more than 2 weeks. We are working hard to minimize the added wait time, at this point we’re looking at a shipping date in October. Thanks for your continued support, we’re looking forward to getting suspension trucks under your boards!

For now we’ll keep the pre-order open, so you can still claim a free t-shirt by pre-ordering a pair of trucks at:

Almost restocked!

The good news is we are almost complete with our latest round of manufacturing! We are expecting to ship all pre-orders around this time next month, (end of September). So if you pre-ordered and are playing the waiting game with us, your order will go out around then. We didn’t expect to sell out of trucks as quickly as it happened, but now we working on ramping up production times helping keep trucks fully stocked in our store. If you’re looking to claim a set of trucks from this upcoming run, by pre-ordering you can also claim a free ‘never before released’ Avenue Trucks shirt.

You can find all details of our current pre-order are on our stores homepage HERE

Dan Osper skating 2,448miles on Route 66 w/ Avenue Trucks

Just last week Damien Rider and Dan Osper from Australia set off in an attempt to skate one of the most famous roads in America a.k.a. Route 66 for a total of 2,448 miles (3,940km). Damien is also the founder of PACA (Paddle Against Child Abuse) and is skating to raise awareness for the foundation. We’ve teamed up with Dan Osper (skating below) and fitted him with some Avenue Truck 9.5’s to make the ride as smooth as possible.

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WE’RE SOLD OUT! Pre-Order is now open!

Its true! We have completely sold out of trucks! We did not anticipate the volume of sales we would be receiving so early on and have since sold out well ahead of our second run of manufacturing completion date. We expect to have trucks back in stock in September and will begin shipping all pre-orders then. If you pre-order now you will receive a free Avenue T Shirt from our upcoming apparel line to be released shortly. Be sure to write your size in the “Order Notes” box on the shopping cart/checkout screen.

It is a good idea to pre-order as we are expecting to sell out of our second run of trucks almost immediately in September.

Thanks everyone for pushing suspension trucks out the door!

Important note for International Orders/Supporters! (Outside of USA)

Hey Everyone,

We are excited to say that all Kickstarter trucks have been shipped and many of them have already been delivered as we’ve seen pictures of them mounted on boards everywhere! So far the feedback has been great!

For the International supporters (Everyone outside of USA). We’ve received some calls from FedEx and US Mail that some packages have arrived but need your signature to finish delivery. (Some territories require signatures) They’ve informed us that they will throw away your package if it is not picked up within 7 days of its arrival!

We want to make sure you do not lose your package so this is what you need to do –

You will need to contact your local FedEx office or Postal Carrier/Customs Agency and present them with the tracking number that was emailed to you when your package was shipped. Your tracking number will tell you if your package was shipped via FedEx or US Mail. (If you are unsure if your package was delivered, please refer to the shipping email that was recently sent to you and click on the tracking number – This will tell you if your package has arrived, or if its still en route).

So if your trucks have not arrived yet check those tracking numbers and contact your mail carriers!

Trucks are in!!!

The only update we’ve wanted to post over this last year can finally be posted!

Trucks are in!!!

That means from here on out we’ll be busy packing and shipping and getting these orders out as soon as possible.

After so long it seemed like this day was never going to come. I think we were hit with nearly every delay possible throughout the design, production, manufacturing, even the shipping process. It was like- if there was a process for it, we saw a delay from it. But after talking with other skate companies over this last year and hearing some major launch horror stories, we learned that delays happen and preventing a possible mistake by taking the extra time will always be worth it. (Some of the errors other companies saw literally stopped them dead in the water).

We wanted Avenue Trucks to survive and to reach its finish line, and most importantly we wanted you all to get our absolute best. I think its safe to say everyone’s patience was tested and for those that stuck with us through it all, we promise the wait will be worth it. A major THANK YOU from everyone at Avenue Trucks!

The update everyone is waiting for!

We’ve been waiting to announce this for the last few days as we didn’t want any risk of delays further pushing this announcement back but..


The first ever Avenue Suspension Truck production run is done!

So now we await final delivery of trucks to our warehouse (we are estimating the middle of April we’ll take delivery) and it looks like we will be able to begin shipping all trucks out to you all around this time next month.

Thanks again everyone for being patient in this start up process. We are very excited to get these trucks out finally!


Manufacturing Update! Almost finished!

Hello Everyone!

I’ll get straight to the point – We are looking at April to begin shipping trucks!

I spoke with our manufacturing agent recently and he has informed me that we are scheduled to be completed by the 15th of this month. We were gunning to finish manufacturing by the end of last month but the final process (heat treatment of our trucks) has been a process that could not be rushed. We are only able to heat treat smaller batches of trucks at one time as opposed to all trucks all at once. The reason for this is by heat treating smaller batches we reduce the risk of damaging and losing potentially the entire production run of trucks as opposed to a few hundred at a time, (if any error was to occur).

So far our manufacturer has seen great results with the heat treatment process our trucks require and is almost 50% done with our first run of trucks. So as the next few batches get finished this week and next week we will have the shipping date up!

Thanks everyone!

As we continue to near the finish line

Hey Everyone!

Not much has changed recently but I wanted to update you all regardless. We are still moving through the final steps with manufacturing as we have before, and we are still looking good to finish production towards the end of this month.  We had a minor issue with some axles arriving that were not correct, we are getting a new order of axles in to correct this- The good news is this hasn’t set anything back thankfully. Once production is finished we’ll be working around the clock to ship all orders out asap! Once the trucks are finished they will be shipped to our warehouse, put through a bit of final testing, then packaged and shipped out to all of you.

Thanks again for bearing with us through the last steps, Avenue Suspension Trucks are right around the corner!


As things continue to go smoothly in our final days of production, we’ve been speaking with our manufacturer and signing off on the smaller things (but still very necessary) such as box sizes, shipping materials and shipping accounts. This means that production has been going smoothly and we are entering the last phase of getting these trucks to our warehouse and then packed and shipped to everyone of you! So as of this moment we are still expecting to begin shipping as early as March! We’ll keep you updated on the final steps as we reach the finish line!