Manufacturing Update! Almost finished!

Hello Everyone!

I’ll get straight to the point – We are looking at April to begin shipping trucks!

I spoke with our manufacturing agent recently and he has informed me that we are scheduled to be completed by the 15th of this month. We were gunning to finish manufacturing by the end of last month but the final process (heat treatment of our trucks) has been a process that could not be rushed. We are only able to heat treat smaller batches of trucks at one time as opposed to all trucks all at once. The reason for this is by heat treating smaller batches we reduce the risk of damaging and losing potentially the entire production run of trucks as opposed to a few hundred at a time, (if any error was to occur).

So far our manufacturer has seen great results with the heat treatment process our trucks require and is almost 50% done with our first run of trucks. So as the next few batches get finished this week and next week we will have the shipping date up!

Thanks everyone!