Important note for International Orders/Supporters! (Outside of USA)

Hey Everyone,

We are excited to say that all Kickstarter trucks have been shipped and many of them have already been delivered as we’ve seen pictures of them mounted on boards everywhere! So far the feedback has been great!

For the International supporters (Everyone outside of USA). We’ve received some calls from FedEx and US Mail that some packages have arrived but need your signature to finish delivery. (Some territories require signatures) They’ve informed us that they will throw away your package if it is not picked up within 7 days of its arrival!

We want to make sure you do not lose your package so this is what you need to do –

You will need to contact your local FedEx office or Postal Carrier/Customs Agency and present them with the tracking number that was emailed to you when your package was shipped. Your tracking number will tell you if your package was shipped via FedEx or US Mail. (If you are unsure if your package was delivered, please refer to the shipping email that was recently sent to you and click on the tracking number – This will tell you if your package has arrived, or if its still en route).

So if your trucks have not arrived yet check those tracking numbers and contact your mail carriers!