Yes, we ship just about anywhere with USPS. International shipping is about $34 for a pair of trucks.

Tracking information is emailed to you with every order. Be sure to check the spam folder if you do not receive your tracking information.

We ship with US Priority Mail in the US and USPS First Class / Priority for international shipments. Shipping in the US takes anywhere from 2-3 days depending on where you live. International shipping takes 10-21 days generally. Refer to your tracking information for more accurate ship times.

About The Trucks

Due to the unique angles and design of our baseplate we had to develop a custom hanger of our own as well. Other brands hangers will not work with our baseplates.

Our trucks come standard with with Avenue signature green bushings that are 90 duro.

Because our trucks are the only ones in the industry that provide pop for riders, our trucks perform much differently compared to trucks of similar or lighter weight. Avenue trucks actually feel much lighter than they are, and out perform light weight trucks. This has allowed us to create a really solid durable truck without sacrificing any durability or lightness.

It’s simple, suspension increases performance! Check out the full breakdown of benefits here.

Our trucks have the new school pattern for mounting.

Any standard 3/8″ hardware works with our trucks, we recommend running shorter bolts as our baseplates are not as deep as aluminum baseplates.

We are in the final stages of release and will have some RKP trucks for release in the very near future.

No matter how much or little you weigh, you can experience the benefits suspension trucks provide. Our baseplates reach maximum compression around 1000lbs of force when mounted to a board and return back to their natural shape after full compression.

Yes, you can find our warranty policy here.