This will be a small update, but things are going well to say the least! Our manufacturer has been making necessary adjustments to our prototypes and we have been confirmed to receive the new samples within the next week or two.

Once we have these samples in hand we will put them through testing ensuring they hold up to Avenue standards. Once this process is finally finished we should have an idea of product completion and a final shipping date!!!

Thank you guys again for your patience and support, we are extremely eager to get these trucks out to you!

More info very soon!

Manufacturing Update

You guys are probably left wondering, “Where are my trucks?!” There’s no need to worry!

We’ve been hard at work wrapping up the most recent tweaks and fine tuning to the machines manufacturing these trucks. After our initial delay caused by the switch to a stronger alloy for our baseplate, this added a few unwanted weeks of waiting, and believe us, we feel this pain too.Unfortunately in this situation, (the first official run of our suspension trucks) we are held mercy to factors such as shipping times/delays, and locking in the complete final touches to the perfection of these trucks. It took us around 4 years to perfect our design, so having our manufacturer dial these in just a matter of weeks is very impressive and promising!! So far our manufacturer has done an absolute wonderful job of nailing our specs! However there are two very small tweaks to be made to ensure the integrity and performance of Avenue Trucks under your feet. Fortunately these adjustments are minor and very easy to make! We will be receiving another batch of samples sometime next week and then our trucks should be in the bag!! We apologize sincerely for the extended delivery time, we assure you the wait will be worth it.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, we look forward to the next few weeks and the delivery of your product.

~Team Avenue

Avenue at 2015 Dew Tour!

Our friends over at Green Label Media were awesome enough to bring us out to demo the course for Chicago’s 2015 Dew Tour! We had 3 new riders test out our trucks early in the a.m. They each gave a full interview on how they performed and what they thought after riding suspension trucks for the first time ever. Full video coming soon!

Avenue Trucks @ 2015 Dew Tour with Green Label Media. RIDER: Kahrion – Ledge Nose Manual PHOTO: Kailee Crawford